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October News

That long exhale is our collective sigh of relief that summer is behind us, and so is fire season (we hope). Welcome to Fall everybody.

Apologies to our September babies, to whom we do wish a belated Happy Birthday. October Birthdays to celebrate are: Doug, Hannah, Ken and Lynn.

We are saddened to learn that Steve A. passed away recently. He had been ill for some time. No services are planned. May he rest in peace.

Dates to note for October:

Every Friday at 4 zoom call - check in with us and let us know how you are doing.

Tuesday, October 3rd, Taco Tuesday at nYne at 5PM (First Tuesday each month)

Saturday, October 14 at 12:00 potluck at UU Spokane. Folks from North Idaho Pride Alliance will be joining us. Come, enjoy the bounty and spend some time sharing with our tribe! 4340 W. Whistalks Way. Set up at 11:30. RSVP to

Thursday, October 19th Dementia Workshop on resources 11:00 The Hive

Friday zoom October 19 at 4, Andrew from Peer Spokane will talk about what their organization is all about as well as services they offer to seniors.

Thursday, October 26 the Steering Committee is having a one-day retreat at UU. You are welcome to send along items for consideration and/or attend. Lunch is provided.

October 31 Boo, but you already know that.

Part One of two free dementia trainings was held in late September at the Hive in Spokane. Zoom attendance was also available. Tara Hills-Matthew of Aging and Long-Term Care of E. WA. presented facts and resources on this difficult subject that affects us all. Many thanks to Tara and her staff for assembling the material. Part Two will be held on October 19th at 11:00. Yes, you can attend Part Two, even if you did not attend Part One. Both sessions will be recorded. It will also be available via a zoom link.

October is a great time to make sure you are up to date on vaccinations and boosters. It is also wise to take inventory of fall/winter needs so you are prepared for the cold weather. Let us know if you need assistance.

Free Covid tests:

Enjoy the colors and fading light everyone - your steering committee

Ken, Doug, Dan, Nancy, Mae, Jacki, Jeffrey, Christine, Gianni, Deena, Christopher


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