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Welcome Autumn

As summer wends its way to Fall we hope everyone has had at least a few moments of peace and tranquility amidst the smoke and heat. The fires that have threatened, if not obliterated, homes, property and lives seem to have receded for the moment - please continue to be vigilant and prepared for whatever may come your way. Exit strategies, review of needed personal papers and belongings, how best to communicate; these are all unfortunate necessities at this time. One phone app that you can download free is Watch Duty. It sends out fire alerts and evacuation information.

Last week there were a couple of fires which directly affected several of our group. There were evacuations. Fortunately, no one we know of was injured or lost their home in these fires, but so many of us experienced the stress of preparing for evacuation, breathing toxic smoke, and not knowing how our family and friends are, as we learn to adapt to the uncertainty of an expanding fire season.

You are not alone! Please contact us through our website, if you would like to talk, or simply be in touch through email at

Our Facebook page remains banned.

Happier information: our zoom calls continue every Friday at 4. Also, our monthly potluck is Saturday, September 9 at UU Spokane. First Tuesday of every month is Taco Tuesday for us elder lgbtq+ ers. We will be at the Garland Drinkery,828 W Garland Ave again this month on September 5 at 5 pm. Free parking, cheap food, good times.

Hopefully, our speaker this month on Friday, September 15, will be talking about an upcoming dementia seminar that will be available to us, free of charge. Stay tuned for more details. This can be a distressing subject to many of us, but let us learn more about the subject and how to deal with it, either personally or with a friend or relative.

The political season may never actually end, but it sure can get heated up. It can be stressful for us as we watch hard won rights be challenged, lgbtq+ folks demonized for votes, and as we sense the tension building between the Christian nationalists and, well, the rest of us. Please be aware that there are people preaching hate in this area - while we cannot stop them, we can be vigilant and communicative. We have a right to be safe, and an obligation to voice our concerns. If you have information relevant to lgbtq+ safety, including your own, please email Doug at

If you would like to view a recording of Dr Sarah Lynch, Executive Director of North Idaho Pride Alliance, as she spoke to our group in August, you can find the link by contacting Nancy @ Sarah spoke about the progress and challenges of reinvigorating the organization subsequent to the events of last year in Coeur d'Alene. Both NIPA and LGBTQ+ Seniors are working on details of a joint potluck gathering in the Spokane Valley in October - We will post the information on the website and email members when we have a date.

Calendar at a glance:

Sept 5 Taco Tuesday

September 9 Potluck at UUCS RSVP to

September 15 Zoom Speaker


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