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Mea Culpa

For a few months we have not been monitoring our email messages, just due to a misunderstanding and on my part some learning curve issues. We'll respond to everyone within the next 5 days. Promise. Upcoming events are: Every Friday a Zoom check- in, Taco Tuesday on May 7th at 5 PM, and a Potluck on May 11th. We will be walking in the Pride Parade, and we will have a booth/table. For details on locations and the Zoom address will you please email me at directly. Tell me how you heard about the group as protection for the other members of the group, please. Full disclosure, I am straight and helped create this group in 2018.


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Events this week

Tuesday, May 7th Taco Tuesday at the Drinkery 828 W. Garland. Opens at 5PM. Angie's Taco Truck will be there as well. We'll be inside at 5PMish. Friday, May 10th, Zoom at 4PM with Hannah Hosting.

Welcome May

Hello Queer Seniors - it's Merry May - just how do we celebrate? Come find out at the potluck on May 11 at UU Spokane, noon. Volunteers needed to come early and/or stay late for set up or clean up. Ha


Do April showers really bring May flowers? An apology to the March birthday leprechauns - they were really born in April. And if we missed saying Happy Birthday to anyone born in March, blame it on th


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