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March '23 Newsletter

Hello Spring, St Patrick's Day, Ides of March (et tu Brutus), clocks forward, and our monthly potluck on Saturday, March 11, at noon, at UU Spokane, 4340 W. Whistalks Way. There may be road construction on T J Meenach bridge, Nancy will let everyone know if there is.

Taco Tuesday, March 7th at 5PM at nYne if you want to attend.

We are hoping to have a speaker for our Friday zoom call at 4 pm on March 17 who is part of the LGBTQ community in the Chicago area and facilitates a monthly LGBT+ death cafe zoom call monthly that is open to anyone interested. It will be interesting to hear her thoughts.

Our Wednesday zoom calls continue until March 15th. Friday zoom calls will continue at 4 pm.

Calling circles, which are set up for brief check-ins with folks who want that connection have begun - please let Nancy know if you would like to participate.

We are very close to going live with our website - stay tuned! And check it out.

There will be an all-day steering committee meeting on March 29th to continue the dialog about who we are and what we can be doing to support each other as a group. Please feel free to send your comments and ideas to Nancy, or attend in person. Location to be decided.

Our fifth anniversary was celebrated on February 11 - nice potluck, great people, and yay US! It was a lovely time to reflect on and acknowledge the fact that we, as a group, have hung in there through the past three covid years in particular - and that we have an emerging sense of ourselves as a group who is discerning our needs and defining paths to meet them. Thank you Everybody for being a part of the journey.

Cheers from your Steering Committee


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Events this week

Tuesday, May 7th Taco Tuesday at the Drinkery 828 W. Garland. Opens at 5PM. Angie's Taco Truck will be there as well. We'll be inside at 5PMish. Friday, May 10th, Zoom at 4PM with Hannah Hosting.

Welcome May

Hello Queer Seniors - it's Merry May - just how do we celebrate? Come find out at the potluck on May 11 at UU Spokane, noon. Volunteers needed to come early and/or stay late for set up or clean up. Ha

Mea Culpa

For a few months we have not been monitoring our email messages, just due to a misunderstanding and on my part some learning curve issues. We'll respond to everyone within the next 5 days. Promise.


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