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February '23 Newsletter

Updated: May 30, 2023

Oh So Gay Greetings to our LGBTQ+ Senior Groundhogs of the Inland Northwest

The Light is returning - even if the cloud cover obscures it currently - have faith!

January was a mixed bag.

Great presentation by Dan about senior services available in Washington on our third Friday. Really nice potluck on our second Saturday of the monthly get-together. Zoom calls seem to hang steady at around 16 participants on Fridays and a more intimate group on Wednesdays.

On the downside, covid, flu, and respiratory issues continue to plague us. Please do what you need to do to stay or get healthy!

The big February news is that we will celebrate our fifth anniversary on Saturday, February 11. Whether or not you feel comfortable attending our potluck in person, please take a moment to cheer yourself and the group for all the accomplishments of the past five years. It has been an improbable venture, to say the least. Covid restrictions, age-related issues, national climate, and so much more presented oh so many hurdles and reasons to not persevere; but, persevere WE did.

If you are reading this, please include yourself in a collective pat on the back. And cheers to the next five years. Weather permitting, we will gather at noon, Saturday, February 11 at the Spokane Unitarian Universalist Church to celebrate, enjoy fellowship, and eat delicious potluck food, and a little cake.

As a reminder, only vaccinated attendees please - and masks are mandatory when entering and moving around. If you are not feeling well, it is best not to come - but let us know you wanted to come so we can include you in our thoughts.

We'll purchase a cake from Costco, so desserts are not needed.

Feel free to bring a ready-to-make salad or a salad from the deli if you don't like to cook.


Set up is at 11:30.

4340 W. Whistalks Way

Other reminders for February:

  • First Tuesday of the month is Taco Tuesday where folks can gather at Nyne in Spokane for inexpensive food and drink - and even cheaper fellowship!

  • Wednesday zoom calls at 4

  • Friday zoom calls at 4

  • First Thursday of the month zoom Steering Committee Meeting - you are welcome to pass on items of concern to Nancy or Jacki or attend via zoom.

  • Third Friday zoom of the month features a speaker on topics of interest to the group

Cyber hugs from your Steering Committee.



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